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What is Etherwaifu

Etherwaifu is a generative NFT collection released in March 2018. The original 1,025 is regarded as a historical NFT collection, and you can craft to create new ones. Each artwork has ten thousands of unique variations.

See the magic yourself! Click on the artworks below multiple times to see some variations of it.

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Click the "?" card below multiple times to see the result of combining 2 artworks. Note that they are both the same character Mio, so the result will also be Mio. One is smiling and the other is angry, so the result will be either one of those.
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📈 Trading

Your ownership of a particular artwork is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, so it cannot be copied nor destroyed. Not all traits are equal, and you can sell rare artworks on the marketplace.

Original® Characters™

The cute girls are original characters of the renowned Indonesian artist Jubi. The first batch features Lika, Hana, Momo, and Mio but we will release new batches with more characters in the future!

Etherwaifu Chibi
Crafting ingredient
≥ 0.075 ETH
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standard to ultra rare
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Etherwaifu Loot
Crafting ingredient
≥ 0.075 ETH
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Artworks coming soon
standard to ultra rare
Sold out
Etherwaifu Pets
Crafting ingredient
≥ 0.075 ETH
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Artworks coming soon
standard to ultra rare
Sold out

My Art Collection (test_x)

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Etherwaifu Genesis Mint - Deployed March 24 2018

The genesis mint started in 2018 but only 54 were minted. It was then rediscovered by the NFT archeologist Adam McBride and finally sold out in 2021! Now to create a new Etherwaifu you must craft it.

Connect Metamask

You cannot mint genesis waifu anymore!

My Art Collection

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Hi! I am an illustrator from Indonesia and I have been drawing my original characters for almost 10 years. You can see my artworks at Instagram, Twitter, Artstation, and Facebook.


Hello! I am a full-stack software engineer from Indonesia working at Japan. I take photos in my spare time and has held several exhibitions in the past.

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